Fortress Baseball Batting Cage (All Sizes) Review

Product Name:Fortress Baseball Batting Cage (All Sizes)
HxWxL:8' x 8' x 20' - 12' x 14' x 70'
Warranty:5 years
Features:11 sizes to choose from. Reinforced one-piece netting. Easy to hang. UV stabilized and rot proof.
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The Fortress Baseball Batting Cage is one of the top selling backyard batting cage on Amazon and it definitely lives up to its expectations.  There’s a reason 77% of everyone who purchased this batting cage gave it 5 stars!  This is an ultra strong, durable, and portable batting cage, yet the biggest win is the affordability!  You’ll have no problem taking this batting cage to the park, games, or your friends house to practice.  With 13 sizes available, you have the choice of many different height, width, and length options that will fit your needs.  And even though “baseball” is in the title, this is one of the top batting cages for softball as well.

fortress baseball batting cage full netFeatures of the Fortress Baseball Batting Cage

For a popular batting cage under $150, the Fortress Baseball Batting Cage has 13 size options available to meet your needs.  Each size is made with the same material and twine, although you will need to purchase the posts to prop this up separately.  Let’s go over the main features of the cage so you have a clear understanding of what it has to offer.



Size Options

Whether your backyard is large or small, there are 13 options for you to choose from when making your purchase.  The sizes available are:

H x W x L
8 x 8 x 20
10 x 10 x 35
10 x 10 x 45
10 x 10 x 55
10 x 10 x 70
12 x 12 x 35
12 x 12 x 45
12 x 12 x 55
12 x 12 x 70
12 x 14 x 35
12 x 14 x 45
12 x 14 x 55
12 x 14 x 70

Whether you have a small yard or are taking the batting cage to a huge park, no matter which option you choose, each option is built with durability in mind.  So there is no quality-lacking anywhere in sight.



Each batting cage size is built to last for years to come.  Backed with a 5 year warranty, each option is built with a #42 grade HDPE twine with 1 3/4″ mesh size.  The Fortress Batting Cage has also been UV stabilized so it will survive many years out in the sun and is rot proof so the quality will never degrade due to weather in general.fortress baseball batting cage corner net



The Fortress Batting Cages can easily be taken from your backyard, to the field, or to the park.  The weight of the batting cage is dependent on the size that is chosen, with the smallest cage option weighing in at ~40 lbs (18 kg).  You will be able to effortlessly pack the batting cage up in your car or truck and be on your way in no time!



Making your decision on a batting cage can be risky if the warranty is not clearly lined out.  Each batting cage option is backed with a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty which covers defects in material or workmanship.  So you can rest easy knowing that the batting cage can be easily replaced if need be.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions that people have about this Fortress batting cage.


Are poles included or do they need to be purchased separately?

Poles are not included.  They can be purchased separately from Amazon using this link.


What’s the difference between #42 and #51 cage netting?

#42 is a bit heavier and more durable material.  #51 is ideal for backyard use as it’s a bit lighter, but just as durable.


How easy is this to set up?

Very simple once you have the poles.  The poles simply lock together to build the frame.  If the cage is going to be used inside of a gym, the best bet will be to install the net onto a cable system using carabiner clips.  This way you can push the net together like a curtain to move it out of the way.


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