Fortress Ultimate Batting Cage (Net & Poles) Review

Product Name:Fortress Ultimate Batting Cage (Net & Poles)
HxWxL:9' x 10' x 20' to 9' x 10' x 70'
Warranty:5 years
Features:Fully enclosed. Waterproof. Steel uprights. PVC coated steel. Super strong netting.
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The Fortress Baseball Batting Cage is one of the top selling backyard batting cage on Amazon and it definitely lives up to its expectations.  There’s a reason over half of everyone who purchased this batting cage gave it 5 stars!  This is an ultra strong, durable, and weather resistant batting cage!  While this cage can be taken down and built relatively easily, it may be best to give this one a semi-permanent home.  This option gives you the choice of many different height, width, and length options that will fit your needs.  And the best part about this is that it is the net + poles package.  So instead of running out to a store that sells steel uprights or PVC pipe, it comes included with this batting cage!

Features of the Fortress Ultimate Batting Cage (Net & Poles) Package

fortress ultimate batting cage poles package polesWith a starting price around $250, there are 4 options to choose from that give you flexibility if there is not a lot of room to work with.  Each size is made with the same material and twine so you will have a top quality batting cage no matter what option you choose.  This particular batting cage is also fully enclosed so you can be sure that no stray balls will find their way out.  Here are some of the main features offered for all available sizes.

Size Options

With 4 options to choose from, whether you have a small backyard or are taking this to the field, there will be a size that fits your needs.  Each batting cage size starts 9 feet high by 10 feet wide which is more than enough room for a righty or lefty to get in there with a plate in the middle.  It is up to you to select the length.  Lengths available are 20, 35, 55, and 70 feet.  The 20 foot option would be great for soft toss or tee work while the 70 foot option is ideal for batting practice.


Uprights Included

Not many batting cages are packaged with steel uprights to construct the cage.  Many times these will need to be purchased separately from Home Depot or another type of department store.  The good news here is that you won’t need to do that with the Fortress Ultimate Batting Cage (Net & Poles) package.  Building your batting cage will be quick and easy!


fortress ultimate batting cage poles package side


Each batting cage size is built to last for years to come.  Backed with a 5 year warranty, each option is built with a #42 grade HDPE twine with 1 3/4″ mesh size.  The Fortress Batting Cage has also been UV stabilized so it will survive many years out in the sun and is rot proof so the quality will never degrade due to weather in general.



As with all Fortress batting cages, this comes backed by a 5 year warranty that covers defects in material or workmanship.  Should the need to replace the netting ever come about, you’ll be able to easily have a replacement at your door in a few days.


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions that people have about this Fortress batting cage.


Does this batting cage come with a storage bag or container?

It does not. That would need to be bought separately.


What size net should I buy if I already own a pitching machine?

The 55′ or 70′ options will be the ideal size for this.  35′ is pushing it, and 20′ is probably too short.


Will this hold up to the use of two high schoolers who practice daily?

Absolutely! The #42 poly twine used is built for heavy duty use and will be just fine for two active players!


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Check out the latest prices on Amazon for the Fortress Ultimate Batting Cage

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