Gourock Long Batting Cage Review

Product Name:Gourock Long Batting Cage
HxWxL:10' x 10' x 40'
Features:Rope bordered entrace door. High-Tenacity square mesh. Indoor & outdoor friendly. Weighs 32 pounds.
Gourock Long Batting Cage Review
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The Gourock Long Batting Cage is one of the lesser known companies when it comes to batting cages.  However, don’t let that be a deterrent in your purchasing decision.  With a 4.5 rating on Amazon, the quality of this batting cage will last multiple years and will easily withstand typical wear and tear.  It is also a bit on the cheaper side compared to a brand like Fortress.  The Gourock Long Batting Cage does not come with a frame included; it would need to be bough separately at another store.  However, the ideal set up for this cage is to be hung by cables instead of a frame.  Although, a frame would make this cage much more portable.

Features of the Gourock Long Batting Cage

gourock batting cage frameCurrently priced between $250-270, the cage itself is 10 feet high, by 10 feet wide, by 40 feet long.  You will have plenty of room inside for multiple athletes to throw batting practice, hit soft toss, or hit off a tee.  The Gourock Long Batting Cage is perfect for larger backyards that have at least 40 feet to spare.  And if not, simply take it down to the field!  It is great for baseball and softball players alike.  If you are looking for a bigger cage option from Gourock, you may be interested in their 12′ x 12′ x 70′ option.  The cage is fully enclosed so you do not need to worry about stray balls flying out and it also has a rope-bordered entrance door so you don’t have to keep climbing underneath the net.  Let’s take a look at some additional features this backyard batting cage has to offer.



The Gourock Long Batting Cage is built to last.  With high-tenacity #36 PolyPro netting, this cage will withstand frequent use by multiple athletes.  No need to worry about allowing the full team to have a round of batting practice multiple days of the year.  This cage will hold up to the abuse.  The square knotless mesh netting is 1 3/4″ thick which will prevent any baseball or softball from sneaking through.


gourock batting cage netStructure Options

With 3/8″ “overlock-stitched’ sewn HDPE rope boarders aligned at the top, bottom, corners, and ceiling line, this batting cage can be propped up multiple ways.  The ideal structure for the cage is to be hung by suspended cables, however, this can be easily propped up by steel uprights or PVC piping found at your local hardware store.  With these options available, it will be simple to build this in your backyard or hoist it up for indoor use.


Weather Resistant

All of Gourock‘s netting are UV stabilized and rot proof so you can rest well knowing you can leave the cage outside and the weather will not degrade the quality.  The batting cage will easily last long days in the sun or during torrential, never-ending rain.


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about the Gourock Long Batting Cage.


Can PVC pipes be used for an indoor cage?

The net weighs approximately 32 lbs. so any structural materials that are stable enough to hold that amount of weight and also stay “rigid” will be fine.  PVC, conduit, posts, and tubing are all pretty popular.


Does this net have a door entrance?

Yes, it does.  It’s an overlapping netting entrance door located on one end-panel/corner.


Does this cage come with poles?

No, this is for the net only.



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Check out the latest prices for the Gorock Long Batting Cage on Amazon!

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